Bulls i Marketing has been giving custom marketing solutions, Internet marketing strategies, and personalized search engine marketing strategies for more than 15 years, and we value our client connections.Bulls i Marketing's licensed "search engineers," have come out on top in growing profoundly effective, exclusive search engine optimization, and marketing techniques that have put several driving enterprises in the top rankings of the world's significant search properties.

We customize all of our campaigns according to our customers’ needs and their particular industry. We do not outsource any work to any overseas companies and perform everything in-house. This keeps us strictly adhered to all the best practices approved by all the industry and quality control guidelines. Our full in-house marketing services include web design, print design, brand development, radio and television script development and production services, website optimization, content writing and optimization, code optimization, image and mobile optimization, SEM services, blog and website design and development, competitive/industry strategic analysis, image and video syndication, press releases, press releases, social media marketing, social bookmarking, directory submission, Google product feeds, local search inclusion, banner advertisement, detailed tracking and reporting analytics, pay-per-click management, optimization management, paid search marketing, and extensive research and development.

Bulls i Marketing Company’s on-site optimization tactic is the most effective, fully developed, and respected in the entire industry. We use “white hat” methodology utilizing a strategic approach that is incorporated with all aspects of what a search engine wants from your site has but not limited to the following: site structure, site size, site architecture, site design, page size, hosting quality, URL structure, site navigation, link design, content, internal linking, keyword density, source code optimization, tag structure, site accessibility tags, XML sitemaps, image optimization, flash optimization, blog optimization, videos optimization, call-to-action implementation and optimization, and conversion optimization.

We have more than 30 in-house experts that manage all of the clients’ campaigns. Every client can contact the Senior Project Manager dedicated to their project at any time. We also communicate weekly to let our clients know what’s happening at all times with their accounts. A typical comprehensive campaign has at least four to eight experts working on it including Artistic Director, Project Manager, Agency Services Director, SEO Specialists, SEM Managers, Link Specialists, Social Media Experts, Copywriters, Strategists/Analysts, Analytics Specialists, and Web Developers.

Our company is divided into distinct sections and brands for the service of our customers.

Advertising Agency

As an Advertising Agency, we have only one mission: to ensure client satisfaction. A happy client is a busy customer and nothing else matters. It takes a lot of dedication, energy leadership, and confidence to create productive ad campaigns with measurable results. We just expect this from our creative analytical and mastermind professionals, and you expect nothing less from our advertising agency.

We are not a common advertising agency; we were born digital. The internet is our backyard knowing how it can shape up the lives of consumers along with businesses. Our advertising agency is working day-in-day-out bringing our clients into the 21st century while advertising strategies are changing along with the television, radio, internet evolution as print is far from dead. We critically examine the trends. We know what it takes to develop extraordinary advertising campaigns for people who are consuming their favorite content on television, music, and publications online and print to attract the customers you need. We are an Advertising Agency that’s all about creating a mixed media marketing experience by bringing new and old media together.

SEO Company

SEO Company is the division that performs search engine optimization of our company. SEO Company helps clients from numerous industries and from all over the world achieve improved organic search results.

SEO Company is known worldwide for our leading services and a super-expert group of talented SEO professionals. We are just as excited as our clients when we achieve their search engine ranking targets and take pride in what we do for them. Whether you are a Fortune 500 client or a small to medium-sized business, our team gets HYPED about your profit.

PPC Management Company

We started helping our clients in the internet marketing service since 2001 when the PPC management dawned. With the acclaimed package PPC Pro, we started as a software company, added PPC services, and eventually started to provide nothing but full-time PPC management services to our clients when Bulls i Marketing acquired PPC Management in 2007.

We kept on improving our proprietary software and still use it in-house to help cherish our clients the best results for paid search advertisements. We mainly focus on the ROI and measurement of our client’s campaigns. We don’t only drive traffic, but we drive the right traffic at the right moment utilizing the right experience. We offer the exact information clients want to know and get them to click on our ads, there they click, here we GET THE RESULTS.

Reputation Management Company

Reputation Management Services are usually deployed as a subset of search engine optimization, but Bulls i Marrketing takes it to another level. We understand that the improvement of negative search results should be our first and foremost priority by highlighting, creating, and exposing your audience to positive content about your organization, but we also find out the root issues and help determine what caused your company to face these negative publicity problems.

If a client doesn’t want to tackle the root issues, or simply can’t do this, there is little need for our service, as we just work with clients who are willing to not only heal their current reputation but also want a continual improvement. We encourage our clients to integrate customer support portals that open up outlets and communication points for clients’ concerns rather than feel the need to post negative information about your services. While some others consider the “reverse SEO” strategy to improve their reputation due to negative search results by promoting the most favorable online content at the “top” and negative “bottom”.


For years and years, business owners believed in the statement, “I know half of my advertising campaigns are wasted – I don’t know which half”. The CallTrax Plus advertising campaign tracking solution allows us to comprehensively measure and track advertising through an effective combination of phone call tracking and keyword tracking software. This appears to be the best system for any kind of advertising, both traditional and online, the Web 2,0 features the ability “get your advertising verified”TM.

As traditional and online advertising results in responses, sales, and leads via phone calls. Our tracking tool will help you enable ad monitoring that differentiates between successful and unsuccessful campaigns allowing you to choose where to spend your budget to get the best results.

No company has the ad verification feature in their ad tracking system or ad tracking software, but we offer it with the power of CallTrax Plus.


You need an email marketing service whether you run a business or email marketing service Bulls i Marketing takes care of the complicated stuff helping you focus on your day-to-day tasks. MailTrax Plus lets you design top-notch email campaigns, integrate with web services you use, share them on social media networks, manage subscribers, and track campaign results.

You’ll love the matching and mixing of MailTrax Plus’s features for templates, functions, and integrations to suit your demands. MailTrax Plus offers you exceptional reporting and Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics allows you to check your instant ROI results as your campaigns could be generating great revenue.

Bulls i Marketing! Company

The divisions responsible for all varieties of “support services” are under our corporate parent brand named as Bulls i Marketing Company. Our support services include search engine-friendly website design, hosting, domain acquisition, email campaign management, graphic designing, (Stop right here. Are you really reading this long introduction? You’ll be surprised when you sign-up with us. Alright, continue now.) analytics installation services, web 2.0 community building, general content development, and much, much more.

Bulls i Marketing Company Key Differentiators

  1. Bulls i Marketing Company strongly believes in education and accountability. We set regular meetings and provide comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting to identify problems, measure progress, hold each other accountable, and discuss marketing solutions. Our departments regularly share insights and information. We believe that a client with proper education is a better partner to work with. We don’t keep SEO and PPC strategies a mystery and explain different steps we take, show data using which we make a decision, and arrange open Q&A sessions on regular client meetings. All of our past (long-term) clients are well aware of the complexities of SEO and PPC.
  2. Bulls i Marketing Company takes its decisions relying on data and research. We assure you that tracking of SEO and PPC are accurate and don’t start working until we complete our initial in-depth research of the market. In PPC, we keep on checking the latest data to take further action. In SEO, we neither guess at keywords, nor we rely upon clients to know what keywords work for them. We research keywords exhaustively to find out where the SEO opportunities are. These initial analysis reports determine any issues in the site that could affect our SEO efforts for ranking, the depth and stability of your competitors, your current rankings in a search engine, and available marketplace opportunities. We will use these factors to create a metric that will allow us to figure out the balance between keywords and the difficulty to rank each keyword on the first page. This metric and your feedback on the progress will be helpful in strategically setting priorities for keywords.
  3. Bulls i Marketing Company always offers a cost-effective fix. Our services are not that much costly. In PPC, we have fixed tier pricing instead of a percentage of PPC expenses. We don’t take a cut of each month’s budget, but we keep our clients happy by working as efficiently as possible. We rank clients for keywords that drive their business sales and brand awareness rather than selling them links that don’t have any impact on their SEO rankings. To put this in a nutshell, the $250/month solution provided by Indian firms/teams is a total waste, and the solution from Bulls i Marketing Company is indeed a great value.
  4. Our contracts are highly adaptive. We know that ever PPC or SEO project is different. Instead of forcing clients to purchase pre-packaged solutions, we incorporate the best SEO and PPC practices into our strategies according to the needs of the clients.
  5. Bulls i Marketing Company utilizes Social Signals Social signals are highly important, but an overlooked part of SEO. Expect Bulls i Marketing Company, none of the other SEO companies use this element in their strategies. A frequent Google spokesperson, Matt Cutts, explained this philosophy here. This strategy is an effort to drive SEO rankings, rather than to drive in sales. Social Signals are importantly serving three purposes. First, they make the website backlink efforts appear more genuine, and thus validate our bigger SEO efforts. We think that this is why our clients observe a boost in their organic rankings whenever Google alters the Penguin Algorithm. Second, social signals have their own SEO weight. Finally, our particular methodologies enable us to get new pages content ranked by the search engines by the search engines in just a few hours, as opposed to other company’s efforts who’s results take weeks or even months. In a competitive keyword environment, Social Signals can be the success factor you are missing.
  6. Bulls i Marketing Company always stays on the leading side. All our PPC project managers have passed the Google AdWords test since the exam was included updated with all the new changes with Google enhanced campaigns. The PPC team is all set to tackle what Google enhanced campaigns are doing to the online marketplace. MailTrax is unbeaten in its reporting and testing features. Since we have been cultivating a strong relationship with Google and Yahoo/Bing over the years, we’re invited from time to time to be a part of their Beta Test groups.
  7. Bulls i Marketing Company is the Technical Specialist. Many PPC companies used our software for the management of their clients’ campaigns. Our Web/graphic design department has achieved multiple Addy Awards for its work. We handle the PPC and SEO labor of many digital marketing companies that outsource their work to the firm they know they can trust – Bulls i Marketing Company.

We have proven a positive impact on many Internet marketing initiatives from time to time based on our commitment to continual communication and client success. We create a successful combination of your team which has the industry-specific knowledge along with our marketing professional who the knowledge and best practices of Internet marketing. We hold pride over our services that Bulls i Marketing’s team can create an immediate starting, as well as the long-lasting impact on your efforts of online marketing.

It is only about one thing – getting the best for your clients!